Barnksforte Homes is a purpose-driven organization with the products and services, development concepts and intellectual capital, and business solutions required for transforming the Nigerian economy.

In realization of the economic transformation of Africa, we have made tremendous investment in research and development of transferable and adaptable technology. At Barnksforte construction for example, in our housing application we can provide the latest tech to rapidly fulfill low cost housing requirements without sacrificing quality, through innovative factory and logistics developments at our disposal.


We maintain management consultants in various disciplines, and employ experts in project management, construction and engineering, housing, ICT, and other areas. We have successfully done business with USAID, DFID, and Federal and state governments and MDA’s with our affiliates. Some of our areas of core competency include:

  • Infrastructural Development
  • Land Use / Permits / FCDA Coordination
  • Environmental Survey / Feasibility analysis
  • Construction Management and Coordination
  • Logistics
  • Financing
  • Audit
  • Public Relations
  • Power / Utilities management
  • Marketing
  • Estate Management / Leasing


We have designed some of the stunning architectural marvels within industries like hotels, residential buildings, offices, commercial buildings, food & beverage and made them hallmarks of architectural and interior design in Dubai, UAE.

  • Estate, Aba Road Port Harcourt 29 Units
  • Estate, Mobile Bayelsa State 250 Units
  • Estate, Benin Expressway Asaba, Delta 300 Units
  • Efab Estate, Aba Road Port Harcourt 29 Units
  • Efab Estate, Mobile Bayelsa State 250 Units
  • Efab Estate Benini Expressway Asaba, Delta 300 Units
  • First Generation Estate, Logogoma Abuja 300 Units
  • Efab City Estate Mbora 980 Units
  • Efab City Estate, Life Camp Abuja 250 Units
  • Efab Estate Logogoma 1 303 Units
  • Efab Estate Apo 1 170 Units
  • Efab Estate Apo II 76 Units
  • Efab Estate Apo III 400 Units
  • Efab Estate Mbora II 400 Units
  • Efab Estate Mbora III 170 Units

We take a holistic approach to our business and our values permeate the way that we do business down to the smallest detail.


Our vision at Barnksforte Homes is to be a leading provider of development solutions across the continent of Africa and Internationally. At Barnksforte Homes, our mission is focused on providing excellence, value, and satisfaction to our clients. This is achieved through outstanding leadership and vision, dependability, technical ability, integrity, and drive to realize our goals. We aim to succeed not just in the technical aspects of our projects, but the tactical ones as well such as contributing to the success of BDCI via National Mentoring Scheme and other innovative initiatives which both reduce project costs, and enhance community value and relationship while building wealth and skills in Nigeria.


We are a team of motivated and dedicated property professionals consisting of lawyers, estate surveyors, architects and builders, with our focus firmly on keeping our clients profitably happy by helping them make confident and informed real estate investment decisions. Our strength lies in our seasoned team who bring their wealth of experience to bear from their varying professional backgrounds, blended with our imbibed core values of integrity and professionalism, acting under strict codes of confidentiality. We stay for the long haul and relish being part of your success story from negotiating your first joint venture development to helping you organize subsequent multi-developments. We have built enduring relationships because we honour our obligations to our clients and partners.